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Established in 2004, LAS Security Ltd has grown into one of the largest security providers in Leinster.

Providing Manned and Mobile Security services to multiple sectors over many years,our experience and expertise enable us to deliver cost effective site specific solutions to our valued clients.

Manned Solutions

Construction Security.

Our expert team will make it their sole responsibility to ensure your site, property and equipment are protected, ensuring minimum disruption yet complete protection for your site. We can consult with client to offer a broad range of options to suit their requirements and budget. A mix of services may be recommended our manned,mobile and technology services.Safe-pass and PSA licensed security officers are used on all construction manned guarding contracts.We also provide Access Control gate persons trained to log in and out all contractors and manage all access of contractors and visitors.

Building developments are often large, unsafe sites with restricted access, presenting numerous chances for criminals and challenges for site managers. Our well-equipped security guards can deliver widespread coverage to ensure total security across your site. Many sites include electronic tagged patrols to ensure regular reporting during shifts.

Retail Security.

When it comes to the retail sector, we understand how important it is for store management to ensure the safety of their inventory, showcases, staff members, and customers.

We understand that retail stores need to be ambient, friendly spaces for shoppers. So, Las Security Ltd provides attractive, approachable, and responsive personnel for retail outlets. Their heightened sense of perception and keen observation enables them to quickly gauge body language cues, to discern genuine shoppers from miscreants. These guards are trained to make shoppers feel safe and welcome, thereby enhancing footfall, and increasing the profitability of your enterprise.

Corporate Security.

Whether its a corporate business park or front of house reception it is important the security officers are both welcoming and secure. Access control, answering phones or monitoring CCTV, our security officers are trained to multitask to fulfill our clients requirements.

Mobile Solutions

Services Include:

·         Keyholding & Alarm Response – Our mobile unit is dispatched from our 24/7 control room upon activation of your alarm. Our trained, vetted and licensed security officer will do a full check of the premises and secure it. If it’s a false alarm or minor activation you will receive an email before start of business the next day informing you, meaning our clients and their staff have no need to attend. If its more serious, then our pre agreed protocols are activated and we proceed to secure your location.

·         Mobile Patrols – Our mobile units do pre agreed number of visits to your location, usually out of hours, to check the security of the location and its assets as well as act a visual deterrent.  Our officers can do internal and external checks using the latest technology to log their location and summarize their checks.

·         Opening / Closing – Our mobile units can open up and close locations and premises for our clients, ensuring a safe entry and exit for all staff, as well as arming and disarming all intruder systems. Staff can enter their place of work knowing it is safe to do so and exit with confidence that they are being monitored by trained staff.

·         Vacant Property Inspections – Our mobile units can do a full internal and external inspection of vacant properties for property/asset management companies. All checks are completed on our location and time stamped checklist software on our hand-held devices.

Technology Solutions

We provide directly, or through our trusted service partners, many different technology solutions to support and compliment our current range of services.

After initial consultations and risk assessments with our clients we can tailor solutions to suit the clients exact requirements and budgets.

CCTV Activation's /Intruder alarms coupled with mobile response, Bodycams on certain security officers or wardens, patrol logging systems on mobile units or patrol officers, are just some examples of integrated service provision.

Drone Surveys / Inspections

We provide drone inspection services to different sectors for many different reasons.

  • Risk Free and covert patrols in 4k image and video quality

  • Asset track patrols

  • Damage inspections

  • Illegal Dumping or intrusion

  • Marketing

Technology Services :

  • CCTV Systems - Powered / Battery     Broadband/4G 5G   Static or mobile.

  • Thermal Imaging CCTV and Software - Body Temp Fluctuation Alert

  • Intruder Alarm Systems

  • Access Control Systems

  • Bodycams

  • Panic Alarms

  • Drone Surveys / Inspections

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